• Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 30 October 2023


Thank you for choosing Kametani, the heart of authentic Japanese green tea. We value your privacy and adhere to international and Japanese laws to protect it.

Data Collection

Personal Information

When you place an order, sign up for our newsletter, or participate in a survey, we collect information such as your name, email, shipping address, and payment details.

Preferences and Health Data

We may collect data about your tea preferences and any health data you choose to share for personalizing your Kametani experience.

Data Transfer and Compliance

As an international company, we may transfer data across borders, always complying with data protection laws applicable in Japan and your jurisdiction, including GDPR for our European customers.

Use of Data

In addition to uses previously described, we may use your data for customizing your tea blends or offering wellness tips relevant to you.

Security and Payment

We employ robust security protocols, especially for payment processes, to protect your data.

Multiple Languages

This Privacy Policy is available in multiple languages for our international customers.

Contact Us

For queries, contact us at kametani@kcn.jp